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    Stacy Keibler sees Super Bowl in Ravens' future


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    Stacy Keibler sees Super Bowl in Ravens' future

    Post by astroth on Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:58 pm

    Baltimore native and Towson University grad Stacy Keibler is a modern-day Renaissance woman. She acts. She dances. She models. She wrestles. She is also a former Ravens cheerleader, and though she hung up her pompoms a long time ago, Keibler {photo by Getty} still follows her favorite hometown team religiously.

    With the help of Baltimore Sun blogger Kevin Eck of "Ring Posts" fame, I was able to track down the jetsetting Charm City celebrity via email and ask her a handful of questions about her all-time favorite Ravens player, those pesky pink jerseys and Baltimore's Super Bowl chances in 2010.

    MV: First things first, what are you up to right now professionally? Are there any projects you'd like to plug?

    SK: I just finished shooting episodes of "Chuck" and "Blue Mountain State." A few months ago I shot a movie called "Dysfunctional Friends" and I am currently shooting a movie of the week called "Fixing Pete."

    MV: How hardcore of a fan are you? Are you able to catch the Ravens every Sunday?

    SK: I try to catch the Ravens every Sunday, but living in California, it is hard because I have to go to a sports bar at 10 a.m. to catch them!

    MV: What's your take on women rocking the pink Ravens jerseys to M&T Bank Stadium?

    SK: There's nothing wrong with the pink. Women are finally being recognized as serious football fans. Since we now represent something like 35 percent of the gameday attendance and NFL fan base, they're now making jerseys and jackets in women sizes. But a true fan wears their team colors, so the ladies need to display their team spirit and pride and wear Ravens purple.

    MV: Who is your favorite current Ravens player, and who is your all-time favorite? And don't say Kyle Boller.

    SK: It seems with coach [John] Harbaugh, the Ravens work more like a team, so it's hard to point out one player. I'm excited with a lot of the new guys but [my] all-time favorite has to be Ray Lewis. This 15-year veteran, and I mean veteran because he fights to the end, each and every game with such passion. I mean did you see that hit [Monday] night!? I also admire his dedication to fitness.

    MV: Which opposing team and opposing player do you despise the most?

    SK: Without a doubt, the Steelers. I can't really say I despise anyone, but Hines Ward always plays the Ravens hard and usually causes trouble for the Ravens.

    MV: Where were you when the Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV?

    SK: YES!!!! After the win I was on the field feeling the excitement and confetti. It was a moment I will NEVER forget!

    MV: Here's the burning question: Do you think the Ravens will go all the way this season?

    SK: I'm planning on going to the Super Bowl, so I'm looking for a hot purple dress to wear to the celebration party. Does that answer your question?!

    MV: Yes it does, Stacy. Yes it does.



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