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    Post by astroth on Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:29 am

    Exclusive interview with the WWE and Dancing with the Stars phenomena, her upcoming movies and how her handbags are raising money to help kids

    “Tonight is a nice, different way for girls to get together to raise money for a charity,” says star Stacy Keibler. “All my best girlfriends are coming. We all get a glass of champagne and a clutch out of it and we’re helping these kids who really need it. We’re designing clutches to raise money for my charity After-School All-Stars.”

    Keibler has two films coming out later this year. Dysfunctional Friends is a dark comedy Fixing Pete is a Hallmark movie romantic comedy about how to transform a guy, with the guy being Dylan Bruno from the CBS series Numb3rs. “It’s me and Brooke Burns,” says Keibler. “She’s a journalist. I’m a supermodel. Her task is to take this guy who does sports, a total guy’s guy living like a pig, and to transform him. As she changes his wardrobe and the things he likes, she falls in love with him.”

    Stacy Keibler is hosting a charity event tonight at 1154 LILL Studio to benefit the After-School All-Stars. Celebrity guests are designing clutches to wear to upcoming awards shows. The handbags will later be sold online at the 1154 LILL Studio website with the proceeds going to charity. The night’s motto is, “Design your own awards season clutch for a cause.”

    Keibler says that being a cheerleader in high school and later for the Ravens prepared her for performing in front of large crowds. At the Ravens games there were 70,000 fans. Then for WWE wrestling she performing in front of millions of people across the world and in arenas with 60,000 people.

    “The WWE…I did it for eight years,” says Keibler. “It’s very much theater. Everyone is playing a character. It’s great to be out there doing that, but it’s almost the opposite of what I found when I moved to L.A. Acting is very small and intimate and emotional. I was already in L.A. while I was still with WWE and trying to find my way. Then Dancing with the Stars came along which was amazing.”

    “When I first moved to Hollywood it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be,” says Keibler. “I moved her all by myself and didn’t have any friends and family out here. I was pretty lucky when I came here. I was in wrestling. I was on the cover of some magazines. I got an agent at ICM right off the bat. I was lucky to get someone who really cared about me and wanted to help me grow. After Dancing with the Stars they realized that the ratings were the highest in the fifteen minutes I was in the show no matter where they placed me.” Keibler signed a 3-year deal with ABC Disney.

    It was Keibler’s publicist who contacted Dancing with the Stars to suggest Keibler, who was already known for her 42” legs. On Dancing with the Stars, Keibler’s samba would earn a perfect score from the judges.

    Keibler is on the board of a number of charities, including After-School All-Stars.

    “After-School All-Stars has comprehensive school programs for about 80,000 kids,” says Keibler. “We have about 450 schools in thirteen different cities. The hours after school from three to six are the hours where kids in pretty bad neighborhoods would be getting involved in crime and gangs and drugs. This is an alternative program with arts and fitness and everything. A lot of these schools are getting rid of music and gym and all these programs. This is a way for kids to enrich their lives. I remember how much I loved those programs as a child.”

    The party is at Michelle Marie PR on Wilshire in West Hollywood. The company offers 30 styles of handbags that can be custom designed online to create a one-of-a-kind design. The handbags are manufactured in Chicago and take three to four weeks to produce. Through 1154 LILL Studio, anyone can throw a handbag design party or make handbags a business.


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