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    Happy Birthday Stacy :)


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    Happy Birthday Stacy :) Empty Happy Birthday Stacy :)

    Post by Admin on Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:50 am

    Hi Stacy Hello

    On behalf of everyone at the SMK forum, I would like to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACY!!!. Hope you had a really fantastic memorable day and all the best for the year ahead Smile

    Happy Birthday Stacy :) Happybirthdaye

    I wrote you a poem which I posted on your Facebook forum

    For Stacy

    More beautiful as the years go by,
    Brighter than the stars in the moonlight sky,
    Like a priceless work of art,
    A smile which could melt a billion hearts.

    Like the brightest sunshine on a summers day,
    So stunning she can take your breathe away
    With a voice like the sweetest melody,
    To inspire you to compose the greatest symphony.

    More precious than silver, diamonds and gold.
    Like the greatest story that could ever be told.
    So wonderful and amazing it's true,
    Everything brilliant and tremendous is you!!

    I also wrote this song for you too called "Stacy's Song" which you can listen to here:


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