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    Stacy Keibler Hosts Charity Ride for Cancer


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    Stacy Keibler Hosts Charity Ride for Cancer Empty Stacy Keibler Hosts Charity Ride for Cancer

    Post by astroth on Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:25 pm

    Being George Clooney’s girlfriend guarantees you “extra” attention, but former pro wrestler and model Stacy Keibler is using her new-found celebrity to help give back to charity.

    Stacy recently stepped out for the American Cancer Society in West Hollywood to promote the upcoming relay for life event.

    She’s a stunner and a staple on George Clooney’s arm for nearly two years now.

    Stacy Keibler is even a sports fan, tweeting this picture Sunday from the Superdome cheering on her Baltimore Ravens.

    The two of us recently got our sport on when we slipped into the saddle together for a good cause benefiting the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

    Stacy hosted the kickoff event here at the Cycle House in West Hollywood. She tells me it was an opportunity she jumped at.

    I’m happy to get here and get the word out. I want people to look good. Feel good. Be healthy,” Stacy Keibler says.

    Fitness comes easy for Stacy. The 33-year-old spent the majority of her career in the ring as a professional wrestler.

    And now the blonde, who is as nice as she is pretty, is encouraging America get active “with” her.

    “I feel like even if you have a few minutes and you can do jumping jacks in your bedroom or in your hotel if you are traveling just to get your heart rate going,” Keibler recommends.

    But on this day, the focus was getting through this 50 minute charity ride together.

    We channeled our girl power, put a smile on our faces and spun through the pain.


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