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    SK to appear in "Dysfunctional Friends and a Funeral"


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    SK to appear in "Dysfunctional Friends and a Funeral"

    Post by Admin on Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:42 pm

    From the movie's facebook page:

    Release date:
    Winter 2010
    Dramatic Comedy

    Screenplay by:
    Corey Grant
    Directed by:
    Corey Grant
    Produced by:
    Datari Turner (Producer), Corey Grant (Producer), Nikki Love Co-Producer), Chevez Frasier (Co-Producer), Dawn Lucky Manning (UPM)
    Plot outline:
    Dysfunctional Friends & A Funeral is an entertaining yet enlightening comedic drama about a diverse group of dysfunctional friends who are reunited after the death of their larger than life friend, Dennis. The once tight knit group of friends during college have grown apart due to time, distance, egos and dysfunction.

    Having stepped into the role of counselor, advisor and optimist, Dennis became the unofficial glue that kept them all together. While getting rich from a major investment in social media, Dennis tried unsuccessfully to unite this disbanded group of friends. Whilst unaware of his instant success and active lifestyle as he traveled the world, participating in extreme sports and living life on the edge, these friends were devastated when they were informed of his untimely death in an unfortunate skydiving accident.

    Mourning turns to surprise when they learn about his wealth and even further, that they have been named beneficiaries of his will! After traveling to Los Angeles for
    the funeral and the reading of said will, it is revealed that in order to find out what Dennis has bequeathed the group, they must all spend three days together bonding and living in his luxurious mansion.

    Reluctantly, all the friends comply, regardless of the dislike and distrust of each other which has taken root over the passing years, all in hopes for a potential windfall. During their stay and impending stroll down memory lane, sex, lies and betrayal take over as personalities clash, old flames are rekindled and all hell
    breaks loose!


    The facebook page for the movie is bUjFvB

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    Re: SK to appear in "Dysfunctional Friends and a Funeral"

    Post by B on Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:28 pm

    Wahoo here is hopes to seeing more of Keibs on the big screen. I can't wait to see it... even if its a movie I wouldnt go see other wise. It will be good.

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