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    Stacy Keibler: On Real Beauty


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    Stacy Keibler: On Real Beauty

    Post by astroth on Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:14 pm

    From modeling and acting to wrestling (yes, we said wrestling) and dancing, Stacy Keibler has done it all. With a career spanning two decades (which seems nearly impossible considering she barely looks a day over 22), Stacy has not only built an impressive resume in both film and television, (appearing in movies such as The Firm, The Pelican Brief and True Lies,) but also made it to the final three on Dancing with the Stars with such bravado that she was quickly offered a network talent deal – and those do not come from perfect dance moves alone. Rather, with charm and talent, Keibler wooed network executives the same way she won our hearts (and votes!): with her contagious charm.

    It was that same charm that secured the former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader the coveted spot as the “Nitro Girl” for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as the winner of a national search. And, when WCW was acquired by World Wrestling Entertainment, impressed the creators of the program so much that she was the only female brought over to the new company, where she immediately became a regular on the longest running live program in television history.

    Oh, and did we mention that the fresh faced beauty’s focus on fitness (and a body to prove it) has landed her on the covers of numerous magazines including Shape, Maxim, FHM Australia and even Muscle & Fitness? Yeah, really, she’s that good.

    So, we sat down with Stacy Keibler and asked her to weigh in on Real Beauty.

    What do you think makes someone beautiful?
    I believe that what makes someone beautiful is confidence. I truly believe that it is not always what is on the outside, it is what is in the inside. Every one of us has a special characteristic that makes us unique. So embrace it and love yourself and your beauty will radiate!

    How do you deal with the pressure for body perfection in our culture?
    Taking care of my body and soul is a daily part of my life. Every day that I can, I exercise, eat healthy and meditate. I do it for myself and my overall health. Staying true to myself and knowing what is best for my body helps me to stay on track and not compare myself to others. Everyone is different. We have different lifestyles, different metabolisms, even different food allergies. What diet works for one person may not work for another. So figuring what works best for you and makes you feel happiest while truly being healthy is the key. Don’t compare yourself to others if you know you are healthy and you love yourself the way you are Smile

    If you could give your younger self advice about beauty, what would it be?
    Face Cream and Eye Cream!!!! I would have started using it years ago. It is great to keep your skin hydrated. For young girls, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Just getting into the routine of using it every morning and night will keep your skin refreshed.

    Is it okay to use face cream on your eyes? We tell you here!

    What is your one, can’t-live-without-it beauty product?
    I am obsessed with C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint ($7.50). You can get it at Bath and Body Works. It is mint-infused lip-gloss for fresh breath. My girlfriends and I all have it with us wherever we go!



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    Re: Stacy Keibler: On Real Beauty

    Post by B on Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:33 pm

    nice find

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