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    NBA Fantasy League Empty NBA Fantasy League

    Post by Admin on Mon Oct 18, 2010 12:51 pm

    Have set up a fantasy NBA league on Yahoo Sports website. The game is free to play and I think you'll need a Yahoo account to join. Have set the maximum number of teams to 20, but if less people sign up it can be reduced down to just 4, which is the minimum number of teams for a private league. The maximum number of teams for a private league is 20.


    Click where it says 'JOIN an existing league and compete against other players' it'll then display the Sign into Yahoo page so once you complete the Yahoo ID & Password fields it'll go back to the Basketball page, then you can join the league but using the following:

    League ID: 90034
    Password is: supernba

    I did a mock live draft to see how it works and this is the team I chose:

    1. Carmelo Anthony (Den - SF)
    2. Brandon Roy (Por - SG,SF)
    3. Carlos Boozer (Chi - PF,C)
    4. Paul Pierce (Bos - SG,SF)
    5. Devin Harris (NJ - PG)
    6. Ron Artest (LAL - SG,SF)
    7. Luol Deng (Chi - SF)
    8. Jermaine O'Neal (Bos - C)
    9. DeMarcus Cousins (Sac - PF,C)
    10. Udonis Haslem (Mia - PF,C)
    11. Shaquille O'Neal (Bos - C)
    12. Kirk Hinrich (Was - PG,SG)
    13. Corey Brewer (Min - SG,SF)

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